Psychologically Safe Workplace Awards



Inspiring collective action and system transformation, MHCC is a catalyst and trusted partner focused on improving access, quality, and equity of mental health support and services.

Driven by a vision for a future where mental wellness is on par with physical health, we engage stakeholders, amplify underrepresented voices, and use evidence-based insight to support and enable governments, organizations, and individuals with tools and best practices.

MHCC ‘s Workplace Mental Health (WMH) Program is committed to helping employers create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces by providing the tools, information, and support needed to ensure that every person in Canada can go to work knowing their organization recognizes the importance of psychological health and safety (PHS) in the workplace. We commissioned the development the National Standard of Canada for Psychological and Safety in the Workplace, and we work to help organizations implement effective workplace mental health strategies .

MHCC strives to meet the needs of our stakeholders through evidence-based approaches facilitated by highly qualified people. This has earned MHCC a reputation as a trusted partner in the journey to reduce stigma and improve mental health. Our Workplace Mental Team brings a unique blend of expertise in workplace mental health and management systems implementation, to provide comprehensive solutions for Canadian workplaces.


National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Assembling the Pieces – Implementation Handbook to The Standard

Mental Health Commission of Canada Resource Hub

Building Mental Health into Operations

For more information about education and workshops designed specifically to help organizations with implementing workplace mental health strategies that meet the requirements of the Standard please contact us at: