Psychologically Safe Workplace Awards



The University of New Brunswick (UNB) has offered leading Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training since 2001 to Canadians and students in over 45 countries worldwide. With educational options suitable for new and seasoned OHS practitioners, we strive to produce content that is current, relevant, and accessible to the working professional.

UNB’s commitment to the mission of OHS in today’s workplace can be seen in the relationships our on-campus team and expert instructors have with a variety of safety organizations such as the CSSE, WorkSafe, the WOHSS, and more. These relationships ensure that UNB is actively engaging with industry leaders to help advance OHS standards and practice in Canada.

A signatory to the Singapore Accord, UNB is committed to providing education consistent with INSHPO principles and the capability framework that will help in defining a more globally consistent approach to safety.

In a time of uncertainty and challenge, employers and safety practitioners are faced with the growing issue of mental harms and risks in the workplace. UNB has developed a 3-course Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership, with Dr. Bill Howatt, that will equip today’s leader to facilitate a workplace that is psychologically safe, and to reduce and remove fear among staff. A psychologically safe workplace understands the employee needs to feel safe, seen, and, most importantly, heard.

UNB programs are suitable for the individual learner and as a corporate solution, learn more about our Psychologically Safe Leadership certificate and courses